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Nov 1, 2013 9:00am PDT
of a shooting incident at los angeles international airport. l.a.x. aerials coming from affiliate kabc. an incident let's call this one. not sure of the details at the moment. >> what we're looking at are these aerials what seems to be officers, it looks like law enforcement officials, are some it's hard to see. it looked like they had at some point had pulled weapons but you see there's a firefighter there, as well who seems to be talking with law enforcement officials. we are also looking at what seems to be the parking lot that is in the area. again, we are just getting word that there are evacuations taking place outside. people are coming outside of the airport because of a warning that the airport is giving to those who are inside of a potential incident, and we believe it could be a shooting incident. >> yeah. what we have from the official twitter account of the los angeles international airport is this. a tweet in its entirety reads they, and this is pretty much all we know "there is an incident under way at l.a.x. law enforcement is on the scene. more information to follow."
Nov 29, 2013 9:00am PST
coast. we saw one a short distance from where i am, east of los angeles in ontario, california, there are about 100 people at this particular walmart. they were walking with signs. they were protesting because it is black friday. they wanted to talking about wages. as people are arriving to spend money, trying to get deals, they wanted to talk about how the wanings of the people who are helping them buy their cheap stuff, they're not being paid appropriately. the reason why these employees, some of them are employees, most of them nonemployees who are union members want to talk about this is because it's a large platform. walmart hires about 1% of all of the u.s. labor force. about 1.5 million people. they say it is appropriate to do this, to talk about it today. they also staged some peaceful civil disobedience, a small number of them, about ten of them were arrested trying to make that point. michael? >> amazing. >> the biggest employer there, and there you have it. protests outside the walmart stores in some cases. kyung lah is reporting from a walmart in los angeles. zain a
Nov 4, 2013 9:00am PST
. >>> a gunman opens fire, killing a tsa agent and wounding three other people. at los angeles international airport. today we hear from a friend of the shooter. >>> at the moment that they're seeing this on the tv. their third roommate comes back. saying i just dropped off paul at l.a.x., he didn't with a to go alone. they just knew. i think you just dropped off paul to a shooting. >> police were just minutes from stopping the attack. and should tsa officers be armed? the shooting at l.a.x. has some pushing for tsa to be armed. >>> and edward snowden says british counterparts to the nsa are some of the worst offenders to government oversight. >>> welcome to "around the world." police came within minutes of stopping the alleged l.a.x. shooter from heading to the airport before friday's rampage. one. new details we're learning today. this is from an exclusive interview with a woman who knows the suspect and his three roommates. 23-year-old paul ciancia is charged with murdering a tsa officer. ciancia is in critical condition after being shot by police officers. the fbi says he set out to kill
Nov 25, 2013 9:00am PST
home after the fight of her life. let's bring in our maggie furlong in los angeles to look why the film is capturing so much attention. maggie, this is the second of the trilogy. gets into some pretty heavy themes i'm told. the media, privacy, the difference between social classes. this is a big hit among particularly i think teenaged girls. tell us about the global appeal. >> hunger games catching fire brought in an estimated $308 million worldwide this weekend. half of that came in from u.s. moviegoers. that makes it the 12th largest me of opening weekend ever, which is huge. you mentioned a few of the themes. hunger games touches on, ideas that resonate with audiences everywhere. >> yeah, and most of those hose went to see, as we say, were young women. i know my 15-year-old daughter was a big fan. i never got to see it. 71% of female -- of ticket buyers were women. so or young women, too. they're shaping pop culture in a way by doing just that. >> absolutely. katniss everdeen is the main character of the hunger games". a strong courageous yong woman. a great role model for girls. you
Nov 28, 2013 9:00am PST
give the bargain battle a black eye. this ugly clash at a los angeles walmart two years ago captured by juan. >> all of the people went in there and they just started destroying the boxes. >> reporter: all this for marked down xbox games. >> people were fighting, trying to get deals. and that's when some lady pepper sprayed and started going at it. >> my eyes! >> reporter: was that moment a turning point for walmart? >> certainly. i think we could do a better job at managing crowds and helping customers get into the store, find the item they're looking for, get out. we learned a lot. >> reporter: walmart says this time it's a calmer black friday, orderly lines through the store. shoppers get wrist bands and rain check tickets of items that sell out. what won't change are the surprise deals through the store. >> 40 seconds and all of the people go crazy. >> reporter: predictly while this dad brought his dad to this walmart to witness the mayhem firsthand. >> that's something about black friday, your integrity -- >> these cousins don't care about the mayhem. they thrive on it every yea
Nov 11, 2013 9:00am PST
intervention and we believe that she made it. >> stephanie elam, cnn, los angeles. >>> to some other stories now making news around the world and the u.n.'s nuclear watchdog agency and iran just announced what they're calling a framework for cooperation. the joint announcement comes one day after the talks between the iranian government and six world powers, those geneva talks. britain's foreign secretary says there will be no letup in sanctions on iran till a deal is reached on its nuclear program. that's something john kerry is also saying. >> no agreement has been reached about the end game here. that's the subject of the negotiation. the sanctions were put in place in order to bring about a negotiation. >> israel's prime minister meanwhile said the proposed agreement was a bad deal for peace. well, here in the united states, it is veterans day. americans honoring the more than 21 million living veterans in this country, november 11 marking the anniversary of the end of world war i. for viewers in europe, of course, you are commemorating this day as armistice day. this morning president o
Nov 8, 2013 9:00am PST
out of los angeles international airport. this moment of silence is in honor of tsa officer gerardo hernandez killed in that shooting rampage you might recall at l.a.x. just a week ago at this very moment. and across the country at airports around the country, there is a tribute being paid to him. >>> the shooting rampage marks the first time that a transportation security administration officer was killed in the line of duty. authorities say that officer jarred doe hernandez was shot at point blank range. as he stockholders near his checkpoint near terminal 3. he was 39 years old. had a wife and two children. he took pride in serving the american people his wife says. james spear and tony grigsby were wounded in the shooting and are recovering at home. that's what we understand. and a traveler, brian ludmer was shot in the leg. he is still in the hospital. police a they still don't have a motive for the shooting but do have a suspect. he is identified as paul see and say. he's charged with murdering a federal officer. ciancia is in critical condition after being shot by police offi
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7